Benefits of Grandstream Phones

March 28, 2011 by Garrett Smith

While mapping out the pattern of this blog post I was initially thinking about writing the specific features and functions offered by Grandstream IP phones.  I was going to dive into the technical aspects of the phones and how they operate.

Instead of writing a blog post going in that direction I would prefer to illustrate a major benefit of Grandstream IP phones that I have experienced recently first hand.

Call Center Migrates from Analog to VoIP

Recently, I worked on an opportunity with one of my customers for a small sized insurance call center.  They were making a full migration from analog to VoIP.  They had a need for 36 basic phones for the call center team, 2 phones that could support sidecars for the receptionists, and 3 higher end executive style phones with enhanced features.

The budget was slim and the time line was urgent.  The end user originally received a quote from another integrator that had Polycom phones on the project scope.  I replaced the Polycom phone with comparable Grandstream phone based upon the end users’ communication needs.

VoIP Service Providers

We had already had the end user go through our Service Provider Lead Program and they locked in an agreement with one of our Service Provider Partners.  We worked with our strategic partner to determine if they supported and tested Grand stream products for compatibility with the VoIP service.

Go3 Extended Warranty

After getting that confirmation, we were able to deliver a solution that saved the customer as addition $1500 and were had an extended 3 years of warranty coverage by having left over money in the budget to tack on VoIP Supply Go3 warranty.  Since the product has been installed the phones and VoIP telephony system are working great.  The customer is pleased with the quality of the phones and the money he saved, and he can feel more secure knowing he is covered for 3 full years on the equipment with Go3 warranty.

Grandstream Reliability & Cost Savings

This example highlights the reliability and cost savings the Grandstream product provides vs. other Manufacturers.  For those customers that limited budgets and challenging system needs, Grandstream delivers just that.

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