Gentech Wireless Announces Dual Network Access For GSM Cell Phone Users

April 30, 2008 by Garrett Smith

GENTECH Board of Directors announce greater control of cell phone bills

GENTECH Wireless Inc. (“GENTECH”) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved the dual network approach for consumers allowing cell phone users to carry dual provider phone numbers and access entering into a global strategy.

Subscribers to Gentech Wireless can now travel and receive dual coverage regarding cell service and control the amount of their cell bills while abroad or at work /home. The offer allows consumers to purchase access to the network with no airtime charges eliminating the need to watch the clock, with plans starting at a low monthly rate of $19.95, with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls; making cell service affordable to a wider audience.

Gentech Wireless has embraced the IP world and the power it can offer to consumers by leveraging new technology and creating a low cost network for consumers to benefit from. Their approach to environmental concerns is to educate consumers on green technology to reduce power consumption and duplication of network functionality by adopting a true wireless network from end to end. This approach reduces clutter and reduces power consumption while increasing functionality on the overall scheme of things.

GENTECH WIRELESS Inc. is a diversified communications company whose core business is providing broadband High-Speed Internet, Digital Home Phone, Mobile Phone, telecommunication services (through GENTECH Consumer and Business Solutions) and Wireless direct-to-home services.

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