Grandstream GDMS Guide: An Overview with Live Demo

November 19, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you haven’t heard about GDMS, you’re really missing out! Grandstream’s GDMS is a free cloud based solution that provides easy-to-use tools to manage your Grandstream devices. During our webinar with Grandstream last week, Abdel presented some key features of the GDMS and demonstrated how you can take advantage of this new platform! Let’s do a quick recap:

GDMS Key Features & Functionalities:

  • Encrypted provisioning using HTTPs
  • No limitations on the number of devices and SIP accounts
  • Support for all device configuration parameters
  • Serial number authentication of devices to ensure private rights
  • Device configuration with group templates and model templates
  • Device management by sites

In the live demo, Abdel from Grandstream showed us how to add devices, add SIP accounts, set parameters, and more actions in GDMS. You can download our presentation slides to learn more! 

If you are a VoIP Supply registered partner, you can also log in to our partner portal to learn more about GDMS! 

Grandstream GDMS Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If configuring phones manually through their own web interface, is there a way to then import the configuration into GDMS?

A: Yes, download the configuration and come to GDMS and import. Once imported, you can push the configuration to update. Choose the device and push >schedule config>update.

Q: When will the GDMS support the UCM where it can pull the ext list and config from the PBX?

 A: There is no exact ETA yet. 

Q: When will support for GXW Gateways and HT ATA’s be available?

A: ATA is already supported. GMDS supports HT801, 802, 812, 813, 814, 181. There’s no exact ETA for the gateways. The supported devices are added based on priority. 

Q: Is there a timeframe for the GXP1760W to be added to the GDMS?

A: No, we have to wait for the next release. They might be added in the future. 

Q: Will GDMS Be replacing zero-config within the UCM line?

A: These two are different things. GDMS does local configuration updates. You can have them both at the same time. When you have a conflicting config but different value, the last one will override the previous one. They do the same thing but different portocal. Zero config and GDMS can exist at the same time.

Q: Is GDMS free?

A: Yes it is. Click here to create a FREE account.

Q: For firmware, is there a way to filter by compatibility (for example, only push new firmware to phone which is used on a 3CX system if it’s officially supported?)

A: Yes, when you go to the Firmware page in GDMS, you have two options – official and custom firmware. If you have a firmware  you have been using and you don’t want to upgrade it, you can go to custom firmware tab to upload and then you can select the specific phones you want to upgrade. 

Q: Is there a mobile app for the GDMS?

A: Currently, we do not have an app for GDMS. Grandstream is planning to have an app for GDMS in the foreseeable future.

Q: Is there any port to be opened on the firewall for the GDMS to communicate with the Handsets on site?

A: GDMS uses HTTPS port number 443.

Q: Can PBXs ( all UCM) be configured using the GMDS. The question is more: Do you have a list of officially supported firmwares depending on pbx providers?

A: We currently do not support UCMs on GDMS. This is a roadmap item but likely further in the future.  


  • Thank you. Nice information on GDMS cloud service.

  • Great content about GDMS using cloud level topology live streaming with encrypted format is not that easy as an IOT developer i appreciate the work it takes time and with great challenge .Thanks,

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