Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phone Webinar Recap

September 25, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

The WP820 is the first WiFi phone from Grandstream. Since only a limited number of WiFi phones are available in the VoIP market, the WP820 certainly draws a lot of attention! During our Grandstream WP820 product webinar today, we’ve shared lots of great information and have received many interesting questions. Check out the presentation slides and the Q&A session to recap now!

Q&A Session

Q1: How does the audio quality compare from the DP7xx phones to the WP820? Is the audio quality on the WP820 improved over the DP7xx series?

Answer: There is a major difference between DP7xx and WP8xx. DP7xx uses the DECT technology while WP8xx uses the 802.11 wireless technology. Call quality and audio quality are 2 different things but absolutely, the audio quality of WP820 is better


Q2: Google Voice for Enterprise is currently in Beta. Are you familiar with it and do you know if this phone will work with it?

Answer: This is operated on Android 7 so it should work, but the specific case will need to be tested. You can contact our tech support to find that out.  


Q3: Is there a protective holder or case? Screen cover or body cover?

Answer: There is a clip hanger, other than that we don’t have a screen cover or body cover, but the device is pretty solid so you don’t really need a cover.

Q4: When will the WP820 WiFi Phone be available?

Answer: Within the next two weeks.


Q5: Is the WP820 WiFi Phone GSM enabled at all?

Answer: No, it is not GSM enabled.

Do you have more questions? Contact our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today!

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