Finally, you are ready to buy a VoIP system. But you are worried about an unexpected power outage and poor call quality. These are common fears we have heard from our customers all the time. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

May VoIP system owners overcome these worries simply with a VoIP Gateway. Let me tell you more about it.

How Does VoIP Connect to PSTN? Using a VoIP gateway for failover and PSTN calling

To connect your VoIP system to the PSTN, you will first need a VoIP Gateway. An FXO VoIP Gateway functions as a bridge between your IP network and the PSTN. Depending on where the voice traffic originates from, your FXO gateway will convert the voice traffic into the proper form for receipt by the destination network (IP or PSTN).gateway-guide

  • If the voice traffic is originating from the PSTN, the VoIP gateway will convert the analog voice signal into a digital signal. This digital signal is then compressed using a codec and broken into a series of packets that are transferred across the IP network using a signaling protocol.
  • If the voice traffic is originating from an IP network, the VoIP gateway will decompress the digital packets into a digital signal that is then converted into an analog signal to be sent across the PSTN.

So even when the power goes down or when the Internal call quality is really bad, you will still be able to use the PSTN to make phone calls and keep your business running as usual. Find a whole list of FXO Gateways HERE.

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