How to Locate IP Address on Fanvil X7A IP Phone

June 8, 2021 by Mary Cheney

Are you struggling to locate the IP address on Fanvil’s X7A IP phone? We are here to help, just follow the simple steps below and you will be on your way to setting up your Fanvil IP phone.

  1. Select the Gear Icon, you will now be in the phone settings.
  2. Select Network.
  3. The IP address will be the 4th option down.

You can also locate the IP address by following these steps

  1. Select the Gear Icon
  2. Select Common
  3. The IP address will be the 3rd option down.

If you have additional questions about the Fanvil X7A IP Phones, leave a comment below or reach out to us at 800-398-8647.


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