How to set up Paging Groups on a Snom M500 Base Station

May 12, 2023 by Tony Monteleone

On the Snom M500 Base Station, you can configure up to six paging groups via the WebUI or provisioning.

A paging group is a list of registered handsets/desk sets that can receive a page. For example, you can set up the paging group “Sales” for handsets 1 and 2, and the paging group “Warehouse” for handsets 3, 4, and 5.

When you have configured your paging groups, they will be available for selection on the Paging screen of the Snom M55 DECT Handset or Snom M58 DECT Desk Phone. Select the paging group, and press Page to send a page to the handsets/desksets configured in that paging group.

You can configure Paging Groups by either WebUI or provisioning: 


  • Go to the System → Paging Configuration page.
  • On the Select Page Group list, select a paging group.
  • Enter a Page Group Name (for example, “Warehouse”).
  • Select the check boxes of the handsets/desksets that you want to be included in the paging group.
  • Click Save.


Import the following setting values to M500 via provisioning for each paging group you want to configure. 

  • Substitute ‘x’ with the paging group number (1-6).
  • Substitute <name> with the name of the paging group (for example, “Warehouse”).
  • Substitute <members> with a comma-delimited list of registered cordless device index numbers (1-48) to be included in the paging group.

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