How to Set Up Wireless, Mobile VoIP Systems

June 14, 2013 by Nathan Miloszewski

Wireless VoIP Guide

VoIP Supply’s Guide to Wireless VoIP Solutions is now available to download.

Like most people you’re probably accustomed to using cell phones. So, why not have that same freedom of movement in the workplace?

Mobility is one of the major benefits of a Wireless VoIP solution.

This educational guide will walk you through:

  • Explain the how wireless VoIP works
  • Discuss the benefits of wireless VoIP
  • Describe the different wireless options
  • Provide insight on how to select wireless IP phones
  • Show you how to design a wireless VoIP system
  • Give you a comparison of wireless phone choices

Types of Wireless VoIP Phones – DECT vs WiFi

One of the major things that you’ll learn in this guide is that there are two basic types of wireless VoIP phones. Which type you choose will determine how it is connected to your network:

  1. WiFi VoIP Phones: A wireless access point is needed to connect and register with a service provider or PBX. These phones normally work with the 802.11b/g standard and will scan to find the nearest access point.
  2. DECT VoIP Phones: Operating with a wireless handset but, these phones have a base station that is hardwired to an internet connection and then the signal is transmitted wirelessly to the handset. These are single line phones, have a range of 300 square feet from the base station, and signal repeaters are available if you need to increase the handsets range from the base station.

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