How VoIP Helps Your Business Go Green and Increase Savings

June 8, 2016 by Ying-Hui Chen

As the first certified B Corporation in Western New York and in the telecommunications industry, we are dedicated to being a sustainable business that minimizes negative impacts on the environment.

Many of you may think it’s expensive to go green; the truth is, there are a lot of inexpensive, easy ways to do so. What’s even better is that you might be able to save some money from doing that! Let’s learn how VoIP can help your business go green and increase savings.


#1 Refurbished VoIP Phones keep old phones out of landfillsrefresh

Refurbished phones reuse resources and keep old phones out of landfills. With VoIP Supply Refresh product line, you can easily go green and reduce VoIP cost without sacrificing quality. Our Refresh Phones have undergone through an exhaustive 10 step reconditioning process to ensure that the refreshed phones are functioning as if they were brand new.

If you are just about to get rid of some used and excess VoIP equipment, you can also utilize our Reclaim Equipment Buyback Program to sell off your VoIP equipment and receive fair market value.


#2 Efficient communication reduces paper waste and chemical release

Unified Communication integrates and synchronizes a variety of communication services such as instant message, email, audio and video conferencing, and other applications. With integrated communications, we minimize the needs of printing paper and complicated wiring system that may release chemicals back to the soil.


#3 Remote working reduces energy consumption

VoIP systems have a lot of features like video conferencing and virtual extension that make it very easy to stay connected with your work no matter where you are; which means less commuting, less exhaust and carbon emissions, and higher efficiency as you can work almost anytime, anywhere.

VoIP is a great choice for Business looking to save more operating costs, travel costs, and energy while being eco-friendly sustainable corporations. For more information about VoIP system, please contact our VoIP solutions specialists at 1-800-398-VoIP or email at [email protected]

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