Jazinga SOHO Phone System Hits The VoIP Supply Shelves

September 25, 2008 by Garrett Smith

On Wednesday, our neighbors to the north, Jazinga, formerly released their new VoIP Phone System for the SOHO market. Now, I know you are probably thinking,

“Garrett, there are dozens of VoIP Phone Systems out there. What’s so exciting about another one coming to market?”

Well, I have had the privilege of using the Jazinga box in my home for the last few weeks and I can say that the Jazinga MGA120 is no “me-too” phone system.


Well for starters Jazinga is far and away the easy phone system I have ever set-up. The set-by-step wizard based set-up is a breeze – I even had my non-technical brother successfully configure the system in under 10 minutes – that’s impressive.

You can to this that it is SIP based, auto-configures most popular handsets, has WiFi, a four port switch, one FXO port for PSTN connectivity, full IVR capability as well as all of the essential call functionality you deserve from a phone system. This little box REALLY is the future of SOHO Phone Systems.

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