When considering a network based solution for your surveillance needs, many important questions need to be answered. One of which may be, “is this for me?”  A considerable amount of time can be spent researching and planning for the implementation of IP cameras so you’ll want to know if it’s the right fit for your application.

Sony IP cameras run on an open source platform, can be mixed and matched, can be integrated into existing systems, and from small to large scale deployments they are a great fit for applications like: 

  • Border / Airport / Port surveillance
  • City and town monitoring
  • Transportation and transportation centers
  • Banks, finance, retail outlets, and offices
  • All types of government and education entities

Vandal Proof

If your application calls for cameras that need to be placed in harm’s way, Sony offers IP cameras with an IK10 Vandal Proof rating.  The IK rating system classifies the level of protection provided by electrical appliances against external impacts from the outside. An IK10-rated camera can withstand the impact of 20 Joules, meaning that the camera will withstand the impact of a 5 kg (11 lbs.) weight dropped on it from a height of 40 cm.

Click here to see a demo video of an 11 lb. weight being dropped onto a vandal resistant Sony dome IP camera (about halfway through) that simulates if a camera were attacked by someone trying to avoid detection or, trying to vandalize it just for kicks.

Tamper Resistant And Alarm Notification 

Many Sony IP cameras and video servers come with a Tampering Alarm.  When an attempt is made to tamper with the camera such as spray-painting the lens, the cameras and encoders with this technology detect this activity and trigger an alarm. This event can be used to activate the camera relays, or even to start the Voice Alert function.

Advanced Audio Detection 

Sony IP cameras and video servers come equipped with an Advanced Audio Detection which, unlike conventional audio detection where an alarm is triggered based on a preset audio level, the cameras and encoders with this technology trigger their alarms based on ambient sound conditions as the threshold. The cameras and encoders store and update ambient audio levels and frequencies, and when the threshold level based on this data is surpassed, an alarm is triggered.

Protect Your Investment 

Hopefully you can now see the value of the advanced functions that Sony’s IP cameras offer.  These technology offerings are not merely sales gimmicks or simply fun things to play with but rather, functions that add real power to any surveillance system and considering the vandal proof and tampering alarm options, something that will protect your investment.

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  1. Hi I got 1 IR IP CAM but dont know how to set it up please help i just want to put it outside my window where my car stand at home .i dont want to use the internet,i need it for the night only so i can see if some one is tampering with my car