March 2023 VoIP Hardware Roundup: Fanvil H3 Hotel Phone, Snom’s D7XX Series is now Zoom-Certified, Base Station Pairings, and More!

March 22, 2023 by Tony Monteleone

Spring is here! And with the coming of a new season, we wanted to share some exciting news regarding some of our favorite VoIP Hardware. 

Fanvil H3 Hotel IP Phone

The Fanvil H3 Hotel IP Phone is now supported in CompletePBX. Xorcom released a new version of CompletePBX, version 5.2.13. CompletePBX 5.2.13 added the Fanvil H3 Hotel IP phone to EPM.

Snom D7XX Series

Snom’s D7XX Series of desk phones are now Zoom-Certified.

Snom’s D7XX Series consists of the following phones:

Snom D785
Snom D785N
Snom D735
Snom D717
Snom D713

Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar is easy to set up and use so you can get it up and running in minutes and be ready to take on your next video meeting with professional video and audio quality.

Snom M500 Base Station

The Snom M500 Base Station can be set up in a dual-cell configuration so that you can pair more phones and increase the number of simultaneous calls.

The Snom M55 Handset and Snom M58 Desk Phone can be paired to the Snom M500 Base Station. Each Snom M500 Base Station pairs with eight phones and can accept eight calls simultaneously. To add more calls, easily pair a second base station for an additional eight calls. The M500 Base Station can be set up in a dual-cell configuration. In a dual-cell configuration, two M500 base stations are used. One is a primary base station, and the other is a secondary base station.

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