New Neckband Bluetooth Headsets Accommodate Millennial Workstyles

January 30, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

More than a third of American workers today are Millennials (adults ages 20 to 36 in 2017), and they have become the largest share of the American workforce, according to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

As more Millennials enter the American workforce, accommodating Millennials workstyles with the right communication equipment to retain their talent has become a focus for businesses from all walks of life and choosing a right VoIP headset will be a good start.


What kind of headsets are Millennial workers looking for?

Both Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC and Jabra Evolve 75e are popular headsets for office professionals and Millennial workers in terms of the design, sound quality, compatibility and advanced features. Let’s dig a little deeper to see why Millennials choose (and love) these two new VoIP headsets!

Sound Quality

When it comes to a VoIP headset, noise and distraction are the biggest pain point we hear from almost all users. Almost all VoIP headsets nowadays are equipped with noise canceling technology and Plantronics and Jabra headsets are no exceptions. The Plantronics clear talk technology and Jabra’s active and passive noise cancellation give Millennials peace of mind ensuring that they can hear and be heard clearly without interruptions.

Wearing Style

While traditional VoIP headsets have a lot of annoying wires moving around in your way; the new Plantronics 6200 UC and Jabra Evolve 75e VoIP headsets are both designed with new around-the-neck wearing style with earbuds. This new neckband design provides comfort and stability, giving users more control of their headsets.  

Bluetooth with a standard 30 meters wireless range is also a must when it comes to hands-free communications. Mobility is one of the most important features Millennial workers love. They require a flexible headset that can set them free from their seats!

Work & Life

Work-life balance is more emphasized in Millennial generation than before. Millennials are looking for a headset that’s not just for office work, but for everyday voice and music, in or out of the office. Therefore, the headset needs to be compatible with multiple applications that they use at work and in daily lives. Both the Voyager 6200 UC and the Evolve 75e are compatible with Skype for Business, Cisco and they are also very versatile for multi-taskers!

Battery Life

The long battery life from these new VoIP headsets allows you to continue your work without needing to stop and charge your headset. The 14 to 16 hours long-lasting batteries are designed for whole-day use!

Check out the chart below to compare these two popular new VoIP headsets!

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