New Reseller Updates You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

October 31, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Don’t miss out on the latest reseller updates! We’ve got new updates about new Sangoma phones, great instant rebates, and an exciting announcement about our new partnership with SkyAMP!

Click here to download the presentation slides

Sangoma P-Series Models – 3 Segments, 6 phones

Check out Sangoma’s new P Series phones, including the P310/315, P320, P325, P330, and P370. This series is a complete line of phones, covering a broader set of market segments than Sangoma has been able to offer previously.

The P Series phones have some natural equivalencies compared to the older Sangoma phone models, check out this chart for more information:

Don’t forget to take advantage of the instant rebate! This promotion ends on December 31st, 2022.

  • P315 – $10
  • P310 – $5

VoIP Supply Announces New Partnership with SkyAMP

VoIP Supply is excited to announce that we are a new distribution partner for SkyAMP! Established on August 10th, 2020, SkyAMP strives to provide resilient online connectivity that would continue to operate without failure, even under adverse conditions such as severe weather and local power availability. 

SkyAMP created the ultimate wireless contingency that ensures businesses and essential government agencies will have a stable and reliable connection when they need it most. 

Key differences:

  • Unpowered – skyAMP devices require no electricity or batteries
  • Just set it and get it – no configuration, pairing, or setup process
  • Range – significantly larger coverage than competing products
  • Fast – removing noise and interference, resulting in faster data speeds
  • Secure – no firmware and are not hackable
  • Tough – tested to be durable, survive drops and harsh environmental conditions

See the applications below:

Before you go – Register for our next VoIP Reseller Webinar in November!

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