3 Desktop Speakerphone Solutions From Phoenix Audio

July 18, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

When are fewer choices better?  When you’re in the market for a desktop speakerphone solution for a small to mid-sized conference room and you have no desire to sift through too many choices when you already know you need:Phoenix Audio Duet

  • Powerful features, yet portable design.
  • Handsfree operation with built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Superior audio from advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.

Phoenix Audio’s Duet desktop speakerphones satisfy those needs and eliminate any guesswork with three simple model choices.

Three’s Company

Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphones come standard with USB that’s used for easy plug-and-play connection to a computer, the power source, and for recording and VoIP conferencing.

Duet PCS Speakerphone

As the primary audio interface for the mobile work force dependent on voip for communication, the Duet PCS is the most basic version in this product line.

Used with PC’s and Mac’s, loudspeaker output is never a problem with the Duet PCS in larger offices or medium sized conference rooms.

Duet VCA Speakerphone

A best-in-class satellite speakerphone for Video Codec set-top systems and for VOIP conferencing applications, the Duet VCA  provides bridging, custom sensitivity, and speaker output with RCA jacks in addition to the USB connection.

The Duet VCA can create 3-way conferencing between VoIP callers and VC callers. An additional benefit of this feature is that it enables the user to record the VC conference on a PC, and/or play a sound file from the PC into the VC conference call.

Duet Executive Speakerphone

The Duet Executive is your high quality all-in-one speakerphone connecting telephones, IP phones, and cell phones.

The Duet Executive has USB plus Digital Telephone interface (DTI), with bridging between the two. Duet Executives can be connected in an unlimited daisy chain for all around coverage in large conference rooms.

Phoenix Audio Benefits

All Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphones provide high quality audio performance, mobility, easy connectivity, and flexibility.  Your choice then is not limited but rather simplified to the room size and scope of options that are right for you.


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