Polycom and Jabra Working Together to Bring You “Electronic Hookswitch” Capabilities

June 18, 2008 by Garrett Smith

With the introduction of Polycom’s 3.0.0 SIP firmware, users using cordless DECT or Bluetooth headsets now have the ability to answer and end calls from their Polycom phones with an easy press of a button on the headset itself. No need for a Handset Lifter or corded solution! This is a very nice and useful feature since in the past…and I know…. handset lifters tend to take the handset completely off the Polycom phone, thus requiring a special part from both GN Netcom Jabra and Plantronics. Forget about all of that and make the shift …utilize the Electronic Hookswitch feature at its best.

There are a couple things you should know first before you go and experiment with your Polycom phones. The Electronic Hookswitch feature or EHS works through the Polycom IP Phones serial port connection located on the back-side of each of these models: IP-320/330, 430, 550, 560, and 650 and pictured below:

Electronic Hookswitch

The connection then feeds into the AUX port of these two (compatible) headsets from GN Netcom Jabra (GN9350 and GN9120 with EHS adapter). Please refer to picture below:

Hookswitch control

There are a couple changes that need to be made to Polycom phone configuration as well. This is described in Polycom’s Technical Bulletin 35150, but in short, you must perform the following:

Edit the up.analogHeadsetOption to “1”in the sip.cfg file. This value is set to “0” by default and when set to “1” allows DHSG-compatible headsets to be attached to the Polycom phone.

From the Phone UI, access the Menu, Settings, Basic, Preferences, Headset, and Analog Headset and then select Jabra Mode

Ensure that the physical connection as noted in the above illustration is correct!!

I would also like to inform you a few other special requirements that may be needed under certain applications and variations of the Polycom and GN Netcom Jabra products.

When using a Polycom IP-320/330, you will need a GN Netcom Jabra 2.5mm to RJ-9 adapter cord since the Polycom IP-320/330 have a 2.5mm headset jack.

When using the GN9350 headset, the unit does NOT ship with the EHS connection cable described in the above illustration (From Polycom Phone serial port to AUX port on GN9350/9120).This is a required accessory product of the GN9350/9120.

You must be running Polycom 3.0.0 SIP Firmware or higher and bootrom 4.1.0.

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  • The Polycom IP501 units also have the 6-pin serial port. Should they work, or must they be upgraded to one of the other listed units? Thanks.

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