Polycom IP670 First Impressions

June 20, 2008 by Garrett Smith

One of the more exciting (that is if you are a hardware nut) product releases in the last few weeks has been from Polycom with their IP 670 IP phone.

The Polycom IP 670 is what I call a true “next-Gen” IP phone.


The Polycom IP 670 comes jam-packed with C level goodness; Polycom’s HD Voice, a full color 320 x 160 pixel screen, USB port for applications and full GigE support. The phone also comes ready for use with the Polycom Productivity Suite and a XHTML microbrowsing for viewing those productivity suite applications.

Now, I know what your saying, that is all well and good Garrett, but the phone costs over $400! Yes, the Polycom IP 670 is a tad pricey, but hey when it comes to pleasing your CEO, money shouldn’t be an object. On a more serious note, the IP 670 is one of those pieces of equipment that is worth a $400 investment.

Unlike many lower end phones that will need to be replaced once your network gets upgrade to GigE or your company begins to see the true value in application pushed to your handset, the Polycom IP 670 has everything you need for high-end communications today and into the future. You can buy a $200 phone today and a $400 phone tomorrow or just one $400 phone today. I am sure your CFO would appreciate the latter.

For more specifics on the IP 670, check out the the IP670 product page.

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