Q&A Which is Better: Wired or Wireless Headsets?

June 23, 2021 by Mary Cheney

As you can imagine, headsets were one of the most popular selling items this past year. There was a big push for wired headsets because they tend to be a little easier to connect to a computer or desk phone. However with many offices pushing for hybrid working situations, employees want to be able to either bring their headsets with them, not be tethered to their desks or have a headset that is going to give them the best audio and sound experience.

One of the most common questions these days is “what is better wireless or wired headsets” and the answer is it all depends on you and where you will be using the headset.

So rather than pitch one amazing headset over the next, I am going to give you a couple of questions to ask yourself, these questions should help you choose the best headset for you!

  1. Where will I be when using the headset? Will you be in the office or maybe in a call center, or maybe you will be at home indefinitely for work or maybe you will be in a hybrid work situation. 
    1. Let’s focus on the first two: a noisy office or call center, in these types of environments, a wired headset is going to be your best friend. There are a lot of wireless headsets that are out there that can block out a lot of sound, but nothing is going to work better than a wired headset here. 
    2. The next scenario we will talk about is that hybrid situation, maybe you need to be able to take a headset with you, while you can do this with both a wired headset and wireless, even with a wireless headset you will most likely have some sort of charging station for the headset. So you really need to consider your setup and home and in the office and how easy or difficult it’s going to be to move the headset. I actually have a dedicated headset at home and one in the office. If your company won’t go for both, then you will want to consider something that’s easy to move around.
  2. Are you sitting or are you moving around a lot? This is a really important question, if you have a standing desk or you want to be able to move around while you’re working then the answer is easy, go wireless! Just be sure you are able to allow for charging time so you don’t run out of battery and if you do be sure you have a backup headset handy! 
  3. Are you looking for over-the-ear or in the ear? I would say this goes more in line with comfort preferences, but there are wired and wireless options for both styles. If you are very active and tend to move around or are on the road, earbuds can be a great option. Personally, I like over-the-ear better if I have to have a headset on for longer periods of time. 

So when you are looking for a headset, ask yourself questions like these to get started, and if you still can’t decide, then reach out to VoIP Supply and we can help guide you to your ideal headset! 

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