Ribbon Communications EdgeMarc 15.5.0 Release

May 22, 2019 by hwaple

Ribbon Communications Inc recently released its latest update to its Intelligent Edge devices. The EdgeMarc (VOS) Release 15.5.0 includes both software and hardware updates for this release. These hardware updates are model-dependent, but software updates have been made to all Intelligent Edge devices.

New features from the EdgeMarc (VOS) 15.5.0 Release.

  • Security upgrades – Multiple security enhancements related to upgrading OpenSSL 1.0.2q, NTPsec upgrade 10 1.1.2, Net,SNMP upgrade to 5.8, OpenVPN upgrade to ver. 2.4.6
  • Resilience- WAN link redundancy (WLR) now works with high availability (HA) to provide greater resilience for EdgeMarc devices
  • (HA allows for standby EdgeMarc to take over in case the primary EdgeMarc suffers a system failure, while WLR allows the EdgeMarc to switch over to a secondary WAN link in case the primary WAN link goes down)
  • E1 Support – A new sku for the EdgeMarc 4808 supports a 4-port E1, providing 120 E1 channels and 24 FXS channels.
  • Software support is added to EdgeMarc 4806 and EdgeMarc 4808 support 2-port E1.

To view the EdgeMarc devices click here.

About EdgeMarc (VOS) Release 15.5.0 

The EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ devices are ideal for service providers and enterprises that are looking to deploy Unified Communications while not compromising on security. The EdgeMarc contains enterprise session border controller (eSBC) functions to protect against cyber attacks such as denial, service, or toll fraud. Additionally, the EdgeMarc products can operate as service demarcation devices. With SIP-aware firewall, NAT/DHCP, Border proxy functions, QoS management, call quality monitoring and harmonization for interoperability with IP-PBXs the EdgeMarc devices are guaranteed to keep your service in check. All EdgeMarc devices operate on the Edgeview Service Control Center which allows you to troubleshoot and monitor any problems that may occur with your device.

Customers looking to upgrade to the latest 15.5.0 EdgeMarc (VOS) Software Release should contact VoIP Supply Technical Support at 1-800-398-8647 or visit our website to submit a Support Ticket 

Looking for more information about Ribbon Communications? Click Here to view the Ribbon Communications Page or give our VoIP Experts a call at 1-800-398-8647!

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