Sangoma FreePBX Bundles Comparison – Choose a Right Solution

December 20, 2016 by Joe Shanahan


Don’t have time to research all the Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions? Do you want to be more efficient at shopping for your FreePBX solution without making a wrong decision? You’ve come to the right place.

We see many customers struggle when trying to choose an ideal FreePBX solution for their businesses. Therefore, we went ahead and compared the 4 main Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions below to save you time and the headache of figuring out which solution is right for your business:

The comparison will be based on Target Users, Adds-on Modules, Price, and License& Support. Let’s get started!


How to Choose a Sangoma FreePBX Bundle?

Take price, adds-on modules, years of licenses and support into consideration when choosing a Sangoma FreePBX solution. Within your budget, choose a FreePBX solution that will meet your business’s needs.

Understanding your requirements and how the adds-on modules can benefit your business is the key to making your investment pay off. Having a ton of unnecessary adds-on modules might only increase your business expense.


Target Users

Sangoma FreePBXAs the name implies, FreePBX System Builder Basic is for basic users such as start-ups and small businesses who have a limited budget and requirements. It covers the fundamental functionalities to keep your operation running smoothly. For small to medium businesses who are searching for more advanced features, FreePBX System Builder Plus can be your go-to solution. With a slightly higher price, you will obtain 8 more adds-on modules that will increase your business’s efficiency.

FreePBX Call Center Builder is designed for dedicated call centers who deal with higher call volumes. Adding in advanced reporting tools, FreePBX Call Center Builder enables users to monitor and analyze call activities at the blink of an eye.

If you are en enterprise looking for a full-function solution, consider FreePBX Everything Builder that covers most of the Sangoma FreePBX modules. This solution is a great deal, offering $4200 worth modules at an affordable price.


Adds-on Modules and Price

Below you will find what specific adds-on modules each solution has to offer. To learn more about each Sangoma FreePBX adds-on module, be sure to read our blog series: Sangoma’s FreePBX Modules.

  • ($225.00) System Builder Basic comes with five critical adds-on modules including Endpoint Manager, FreePBX Phone Apps, SysAdmin Pro, Extension Routing, and UCP for EPM.
  • ($525.00) System Builder Plus includes the most popular adds-on modules. Aside from the modules you can get from the basic bundle, the Plus bundle takes you to the next level with additional 8 modules: Park Pro, Page Pro, Class of Service, Conference Pro, Call Recording Reports, Fax Pro, Extension Routing and XMPP management.
  • ($1,275.00) Call Center Builder highlights its reporting tools such as QXact Reports and Call Recording Reports. This solution also offers Call Management tools such as Class of Service, Extension Routing, Pinset Pro, Conference Pro, Caller ID Management and Advanced Queue Enhancements, including Outbound Call limiting and VQ Plus and Queue Callback.
  • ($2,900.00) Everything Builder offers all Sangoma’s Commercial Modules (23 modules in total), except for FreePBX High Availability. See the whole list here.

See the chart below for an overall comparison:

Download the comparison chart HERE


License & Support

All the FreePBX bundles listed in this post require FreePBX 2.11 or greater to work and will only be officially supported on the Official FreePBX Distro platform. A 25 year usage license with 1 year of upgrades is included with the purchase of any of the four FreePBX bundle solutions.

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