Video messaging from Skype has graduated from the testing phase to a full-fledged feature for:

  • Windows and Windows 8
  • Mac, iPhone, iPad
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Skype video messaging is completely free and will help busy people everywhere  “catch up whenever, wherever.”  It can also help you avoid the tedious step of logging in to listen to voicemails on your phone.

It’s Why We Use Video

We use video conferencing because it’s easier to understand what someone’s talking about when you can see them. Skype’s video voicemails have the added benefit of using video even when the other person is not around.

This feature is a much nicer way for people to stay in touch and with the ability to show someone what you’re working on, it should make it easier to solve a problem or, get answers to a question.

We can also add “TL;DW” to our list of text abbreviations, to send to anyone who leaves long messages (Mom).

And remember, Skype looks better when you’re using one of these HD Skype webcams.

Via TechCrunch



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