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Logitech Decided Against the $2.2 Billion Plantronics Acquisition

December 5, 2018
Logitech International S.A., a Swiss provider of personal computer and mobile peripherals, stated that they had decided against the original attempt of acquiring Plantronics for ... READ MORE

Enterprise Business And VoIP: Why Make The Switch?

September 25, 2018 Making the switch from traditional PSTN lines to VoIP is not always an easy process.  There are a lot of factors and even more decisions ... READ MORE

Fact vs Fiction: Can I Get VoIP Through My Internet Provider? (Infographic)

August 1, 2018
Recently, we have received many questions about getting VoIP service from an existing Internet service provider. We have seen some of the following questions,  can ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply: More Than Just a Website for Everything VoIP!

March 12, 2018
VoIP Supply has been a leading provider of VoIP hardware and services for over 16 years. Serving more than 125,000 customers worldwide, we are dedicated ... READ MORE

What is VoIP? 4 Basic VoIP Questions for VoIP Beginners

February 27, 2018
Are you new to VoIP industry? What exactly is VoIP and how does it work? We have collected four most common questions from VoIP beginners ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply is Featured on Telecom Reseller Podcast!

[audio mp3="/blog/voip-insider/files/2018/02/VoIP_Supply_Edited_Feb_2018.mp3"][/audio] VoIP Supply is more than just a website, we provide the whole VoIP solution to help you build and grow your business communication systems. ... READ MORE

6 Simple Ways to Fix VoIP Audio Quality Issues

February 21, 2018
This blog was updated August 30, 2023: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has transformed the way businesses communicate, offering cost-effective and flexible solutions. However, one common ... READ MORE

Must-have VoIP Hardware that Every Business Owner Should Remember

January 9, 2018
Note: This is a guest post from Mark Dacanay. Now that more and more businesses are moving towards the cloud, it would really be helpful to ... READ MORE

VoIP Addict’s Guide: Your VoIP Questions Answered!

June 29, 2017
As consumers, users, hobbyists, and VoIP professionals, you have a lot of questions, and we'd love to answer them all. But, we can't answer them ... READ MORE

What is IoT? A Modern Technology That Brings Value to Any Business.

April 24, 2017
The world is more connected than ever before. We can literally catch all the activities out there without stepping out of our houses. A click on ... READ MORE
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