VoIP on iPhone Via RingFree

May 28, 2008 by Garrett Smith

One of the products that I have recently begun playing with is the RF Dialer for the iPhone from RingFree. RingFree is a San Francisco-based company that is creating mobile telephony softwares and services with their first product being the RF Dialer for the iPhone.

The RF Dialer is a slick web based application that allows users to make SIP calls via your cellular or WiFi network using an existing service provider. That’s right, this software as a service is BYOP “bring your own provider.”

The last few days I have been using the RF Dialer in conjunction with service from Junction Networks and have been impressed with the ease of use and call quality that I have experienced. I wrote a more detailed review of the service here.

Overall, if you are an iPhone owner looking to make SIP based VoIP calls, you cant go wrong with the RF Dialer from RingFree.

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