Treating Griddle-Forehead Syndrome (GFS) with VoIP Technology

March 20, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Isn’t it wonderful e-mailing friends all over whenever you want, wherever they are? Who hasn’t e-mailed a cousin in Europe, a friend in Pismo Beach, or Piscataway, or Piston Springs?

I know I have.

Now how much did that cost you for all the e-mails and instant messages you could stuff into a 30-day period? Plus, your family members or roommates use these services too.

I would say you probably spent anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on how fast you like to “talk” with dial-up or high speed internet.

REWIND 20 YEARS…In June 1988, my parents opened the local Telco bill on check-writing Sunday and saw the normal $37.00 bill had jumped to $406.00. 406 Big Ones! My father, usually a laconic man, used several choice words to berate me that day when he saw the phone bill…with 50 or so calls going to my girlfriend in Florida. You could have fried an egg on his forehead.

I know I’ve already posed several questions to you, but are you a business owner, world traveler, telecom director, or angry parent having griddle-head moments like Phil Sr. did 20 years ago, today?

Twenty years and 37 pounds later…
• Boston Red Sox win two World Series
• Arnold is Governor of the biggest state in the Union
• Al Gore invents the internet (have another one…)

Seven years after that fateful Sunday two things happened–I started e-mailing my girlfriend, and my father began recognizing me again.

Today, think of that $406 going towards a new VoIP deployment. All of the phone exchange with whoever you want or need to talk to is at internet pricing–whether it is a relative, customer, vendor or girlfriend. Your days of the huge Telco bill are over; should you decide to accept the mission of saving money and avoiding griddle-forehead syndrome, or GFS.

Simply compare your phone bill to your ISP bill. Which is more? How much do you pay to talk to a friend outside the county you live in? How about state or country? Have you noticed those rates have decreased, but still your bill is taxed, re-taxed, state taxed, federally-taxed, surcharged and so on?

Multiply this by the number of employees you have using phones at your business. Sorry to remind you about that touchy subject, but that is because the Telcos are advertising lower rates to reel you in and then charging you wherever else they can to get the $406+ smackers. Why else would they lower their rates? Isn’t that the American way?

Take a half-hour out of your day and call one of the experts here at VoIP Supply. Your success is paramount to ours. FOLLOW US!

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