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July 15, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Having recently endured the painful process of updating my 1st generation iPhone to Apple’s 2.0 firmware revision, I was excited to test out a native VoIP client.

I downloaded TruPhone’s free client from the appstore, and installed it. Setup was as simple as filling our a short form on the phone. Note: Don’t misstype your mobile number in the setup form….TruPhone does not give you the opportunity to modify it if you enter it incorrectly. In this case, I fat fingered one of the digits, but there was no way for me to go back and correct it. I had to uninstall the TruPhone client and then resync/reinstall it.

The final step in activating the TruPhone service on your iPhone is to authenticate your account by receiving an inbound verification call from TruPhone, and entering a 4-digit PIN number that you chose during the original client setup.

This is where I hit a brick wall. For some reason, I am unable to receive the verification call from TruPhone. When I attempt to initiate the verification call from TruPhone, after about a minute, I get a message that reads “Sorry, we could not detect your security PIN. Did your voicemail answer the call?”

My voicemail did indeed answer the call, as for some reason the TruPhone verification calls will not ring through on my iPhone. They go directly into my voicemail. I have no issues receiving inbound calls from any other originating numbers, and they ring through fine.

I filled out a support request ticket and am waiting to hear back from TruPhone.

Anyone having a positive experience using TruPhone’s mobile VoIP client on their iPhone?


  • We are sorry that we have been unable to get round to your email as of yet, we are very busy at the moment. Do you have your reference number to hand which you would have received in our automated response?

    We recommend the following to resolve this issue;
    1. Reboot your iPhone and try this again. If you still experience this issue please check the following…
    2. Do you have mobile/cell reception/signal when you initiate the validation call?
    3. Do you have sufficient mobile/cell credit to receive a call – if you pay to receive calls (US Customers)
    4. Are you able to receive international calls to your mobile/cell number?

    5. Once you enter a Security Pin in the sign up screen and the validation call-back starts to initiate, try pressing the square key (Main menu button) on the iPhone.

    The Truphone Support team

  • Cory Andrews

    Katie – Tip #5 on your response worked for me. Once the call-back initiated, I pressed menu button on my iPhone and voila’ received the verification call. Thanks for the assist!

  • rupinder

    I need a 4 digit pin i cant put any in all of them are wrong

    • Garrett Smith

      @ rupinder

      Your best bet is to contact Truphone support.

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