Worried about VoIP Cyber-attack? VoIP Service Provides Reliability & Security

May 11, 2016 by Jeff Quinn

When it comes to VoIP service the reliability, security, and uptime can be of question. Especially when the VoIP Cyber-attacks are increasing all over the world. We understand that when dealing with the internet there can be concerns and we want to dissipate those right away.

While selecting VoIP service providers to be a part of the CloudSpan MarketPlace there was a detailed vetting process, to allow for the best providers for our customers. During that process, our executive team and solutions experts evaluated the providers for frequency of VoIP outages, the security of the service and other factors that are included with these issues.

Our Service Providers have five 9’s!

The uptime for our service providers is 99.999%! Basically, this means it is very rare their service to be interrupted or disconnected. We see this as a huge advantage for our customers, to allow for maximum use of their phone system without spending time dealing with issues.

With minimal outage time you save your company time and money allowing you to focus on growing your business.

During a disaster we made sure all service providers are fully equipped to handle and reverse any issues/damages. With our headquarters being in Buffalo, NY we understand the weather can create issues for your workplace environment!

Securing the VoIP network

VoIP SECURITYSecuring a VoIP network isn’t as simple as securing your typical internet connection. There are specialized pieces of equipment and software that are needed to make sure your information is not at risk.

One piece of equipment that is necessary for securing your VoIP network is a Session Border Controller (SBC). This is a device that is optimized to secure the VoIP traffic coming in to your building. Here are some of the providers we offer for SBC’s:

VoIP Networks/Phone Systems are as secure as other equipment and software in your office. If you ever have any questions or inquiries please contact us at 1-800-398-8647 or [email protected] Our solutions specialist are always looking to be challenged and show the benefits of VoIP.

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