The world of VoIP is filled with all kinds of benefits. This can be anything from lowering your monthly phone bill to having a super cool looking desk phone, but it is what you can do with your desk phone that sets VoIP apart from traditional PSTN lines.

The list of features you can access when having VoIP is too long to mention, but if I were to single one out, it would have to be BLF. What does BLF stand for? Busy Lamp Field, and if you are not taking advantage of this helpful VoIP feature, then you’re missing out!

While BLF can have several different functions, it’s basic and most popular function is a visual indication on your desk phone that allows you to see when other coworkers are on the phone, or unavailable. These are typically in the form of light-up buttons.

Having the use of BLF keys to help route incoming calls can increase productivity and efficiency, especially for job positions like receptionist or secretary. And while having BLF can be a total game changer, please keep in mind that this is not something that just works right out of the box. If you want to start using BLF in your office then this is something that needs to be set up manually and can be done easily through your phone system web interface.

If you are already using BLF, then let us know! We want to know what other things you are using BLF for besides call routing.



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