Vonage Pro Is Not Mobile VoIP

August 5, 2008 by Garrett Smith

A week or so ago Vonage launched a new set of pay for features called Vonage Pro. It was an interesting combination of “revolutionary” things such as a softphone client for a desktop or laptop, personalized ring tones, call recording and conference calling – you know all of the features business people have come to expect in a telecommunications solution. While I will save the rant on why this offering is less then awe inspiring, one thing that is really concerning is how people are touting VonagePro as some sort of mobile VoIP service when it isn’t.

Vonage Pro, while offering new features that are cutely packaged, foes enhance your ability to access Vonage service when on the go, but it is not Mobile VoIP as defined as the ability to access VoIP service via a cellular handset over a 3G or WiFi network. Vonage Pro is not Truphone, fring, EQO, or any of the dozen other Mobile VoIP services on the market. Vonage is a pretty smart marketing company – they love to leverage “buzz words” to drive an increase in subscribers, but unfortunately, they do a ton of damage through misinformation, even if it is indirect.

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