Watch Now: 2023 August VoIP News Update

August 30, 2023 by Steve Lopian

Your August VoIP News Update is here! In this month’s episode, we’ll go into detail on brand-new product releases from Ribbon! Recently, Ribbon released the Ribbon Edge 8100 & 8300 Multi-Service Edge Router & SBC. Tune in to see the features and differences between these two products.

Additionally, we’ll go over several reasons why you should be transitioning to VoIP with the Snom M500 series of DECT phones! We know changing your business over to VoIP can be a confusing and difficult process, but Snom has made it easy with the M55 DECT handset, M58 DECT desk phone, and M500 base station! Oh, and did we mention you can also save money with this easy-to-use series?

Are you currently using the Snom M500 Series? If so, we want to know what you think! Drop us a comment below!

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