What is a SIP Call? What Are the Benefits of SIP Calling?

August 25, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

What is a SIP Call? A SIP Call is a telephone call generated through the process of transmitting voice calls over a SIP Trunk. To understand the process, you need to know what a SIP Trunk is. 

What is SIP Trunk and How Does It Work?

A SIP trunk refers to two things. SIP (session initiation protocol), which is the protocol used to start and end a call, and a trunk, which is a term adopted from traditional telecommunications. A trunk cable is a cable with a lot of copper pairs that are designed to facilitate many concurrent calls. 

In the same way voltage travels through an analog telephone pair, RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol), travels across a session in a SIP trunk. RTP, is the audio portion of a call, and the quality of that audio has a lot to do with the network it’s traversing. A reliable, low latency connection to the internet is critical to the success of a SIP trunk.

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What Are the Benefits of SIP Calling?

  1. Cost: Pay a much lower monthly rate for a greater number of call paths with comparable audio quality with a high speed, reliable connection.
  2. Flexibility: Add and remove telephone numbers at will, and make call routing changes on the fly. 
  3. Advanced Features –  Every provider has different features, here are some important ones to look out for:
    1. Number Portability: ability to move telephone numbers to and from your SIP Trunk provider
    2. E911: You can define the address for a particular phone number 
    3. Disaster Recovery Routing: Apply in an event that you lose connectivity to your SIP Trunk
    4. Faxing: T.38 Fax support 
    5. Call Detail Reporting: You get insights into your call records on the provider side

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