If you’ve been thinking about Sony’s IP cameras and you’ve read their product line overview then you certainly know they have a nice, customizable offering to enhance your surveillance system. You may however still be asking, “What is the Sony advantage?” so, I’d like to point out a few  of their interesting IP camera features that warrant a closer look.

XDNR® Dynamic Noise Reduction

– To capture moving images in low light conditions, eliminates image blur.

XDNR is Sony’s latest technology for noise reduction in IP security cameras. XDNR utilizes 2D and 3D noise reduction methods adaptively to scenes. Under low-light conditions, XDNR provides clear images for both moving objects and still portions of the image, using 2DNR and 3DNR, respectively.

This method provides clear images while minimizing motion blur which is a challenge in any outdoor surveillance monitoring applications, such as in parking lots.

Click here for an XDNR demo, and then click on the XDNR tabs.

Visibility Enhancer (VE)

– Optimizes image quality.

Visibility Enhancer is a new Sony technology that optimizes the brightness and the color reproduction of an image dynamically on a pixel-by-pixel basis while adapting to the scene. If an image consists of very bright areas and very dark areas, VE makes the entire image easy to see by stretching the contrast in both the backlit portions and the shadows.

VE also contributes to the high sensitivity of the camera — by combining VE with XDNR the camera can reproduce clear and bright images in very low-light conditions, while keeping noise at a minimal level.

Benefits of Visibility Enhancer brochure and, video here.


– Allows Sony cameras to produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range.

View-DR is Sony’s latest Wide-D technology that is used in security cameras to produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. With View-DR, the camera uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images, to reproduce each frame. One image is taken using a ‘standard’ exposure time and either one or three images are taken using very short exposure times depending on the camera type.

With the newly developed View-DR algorithm, all of the incident light is captured and converted to electrons by the imager, which is quite different from DynaView™ and some other Wide-D technologies in the industry that discard approximately 1/2 of the electrons. As a result, View-DR nearly doubles the sensitivity compared to conventional Wide-D technologies.

To capture multiple HD resolution images at a very high speed, the Exmor™ CMOS sensor was adopted because of its high-speed readout characteristics. During the process of combining multiple images, the Visibility Enhancer is employed to provide a high level of chrominance and luminance. With View-DR, the monitored images become very visible – sometimes even more than when viewed with our naked eyes.

Click here for a View-DR demo. The “Parking Lot Entrance” displays the most dramatic image enhancement capabilities.

If you have questions about the technology offered with Sony IP Cameras please call us at 866-885-4853.


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  1. I’ve had experience configuring and using an IP camera myself, and i find it very useful for certain industries or companies. And with these upgrades in the output quality, i’m pretty sure that it’s importance in the market would drastically increase.