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When I try to edit in the web interface it claims local file has higher priority…

Q: These phones were provisioned for intermedia. We changed from 3-digit to 4 digit extensions and all the settings for each phone’s line 1 in regards to message center are wrong. When I try to edit in the web interface it claims “local file has higher priority”. If I export and then reimport the local file, having made the changes needed, those settings will still not get overwritten… what is going on?

A: I understand but this message here “local file has higher priority” means the XML/cfg file is coming from the provisioning server not you “locally” and this is why any changes you make won’t impact any new configuration. Some hosted PBX providers will lock their customers out from configuring the phone WebUI and or features on the UI because its not to their “standard” The tech might not be aware that when they provision phones, the customer is not able to edit. Maybe there is something in their portal I can see to disable, such as SIP credentials.


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