A new Frost & Sullivan whitepaper was shared by the Polycom Video Conferencing division that shows how video can be used by businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

Click here to check out the tips in Video Collaboration in a Virtual Workplace that explain:

  • Benefits of Video Collaboration
  • Power and Value of Video shown in Frost & Sullivan data
  • How to Match Technology to Business Needs
  • How to Choose a Video Partner
Frost & Sullivan Video Collaboration Data

Trust in a Virtual World

The Frost & Sullivan research shows that fact-to-face meetings are more important than ever.

You need to trust who you’re dealing with in a virtual world. Using video allows you to “read body language and facial expressions and deepen [your] relationships” in a way that’s cost-effective.

Additionally, “Video collaboration can also be a boon to corporate training, saving employees and trainers time, and delivering content on demand as needed.”

Via Polycom and Frost & Sullivan



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