Why VoIP Lowers Costs & Increases Efficiency for Startups

November 23, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Overhead. It’s one of the fastest ways to reduce costs for a start-up and one of the quickest ways to hemorrhage money.

Many startups may not have consistent cash flow so having high office expenses, such as phone expenses, can really put a dent in your pocket.  This is especially true if you have a phone system that charges you too much for those sales calls of yours and is so inefficient that you lose a lot of time troubleshooting  the phones.

That doesn’t have to be the case, of course. You can simply switch to a VoIP phone system where you’ll make things a lot more efficient around the office and definitely lower your costs.

Assumptions Make a What Out Of You And Me?

Too many people assume that with a fancy acronym like VoIP that Voice over Internet Protocol systems are too complicated to implement easily. On the contrary, these are some of the simplest phone systems you’ll ever use and because they’re so simple, VoIP services can offer you unlimited minutes at very, very low costs.

The Best Prices Around

Speaking of prices, consider how much you’re paying for phones now and consider that many VoIP providers will only charge you about $20 per month or so – and they often give you unlimited minutes in the United States and Canada.

This isn’t an anomaly. The anomalies are the VoIP providers that charge you a lot more than that to have a fully-integrated office phone system in place.

The beautiful thing about this pricing model is that there is no large upfront fee, save for the possible hardware purchase of VoIP phones , which is not always necessary. Installation and setup are both free with many VoIP service providers.

Better Online Efficiency?

What’s true about the internet holds true for VoIP phones and VoIP service.  They both make our lives a lot simpler.

With VoIP, a single computer application can manage your entire phone system and there’s no steep learning curve or new skills needed when all you’re trying to do is just change an extension number.

Once your VoIP phone system is networked and you begin to use it like you would any other phone, better online efficiency is indeed possible because you will have:

  • A dedicated toll-free number in place
  • An automated answering system that can be sent to a number of extensions.
  • Your startup will save both time and money.

That’s crucial when you’re building a company from the ground up and need to reduce costs as much as possible. Switch to VoIP and you’ll reduce some of your overhead. Now, if only printer ink was this cheap.

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