Yamaha Conference Phone Enables Seamless Collaboration

June 16, 2016 by Cody Blackley

Summit Public Schools located in Silicon Valley, creates a collaborative and educational environment for over 6,000 students through the use of the most revolutionary and advanced technology available.

quoteBy using this advanced technology, Summit Public Schools allows students all the resources necessary to pursue what they are truly passionate about. Even with today’s most revolutionary technology the school still struggled with poor audio quality for weekly leadership calls.


YVC-1000 Gives Peace of Mind to Summit Public Schoolsyvc1000

As CTO of Summit Public Schools, Bryant Wong quickly realized that although all proper implementations were made to the network infrastructure to support its video conferencing setip, the audio quality was lacking which hindered the effectiveness of these high-impact meetings. The echo disrupted the conversation of the meeting and the constant outages began to become too frustrating to bare.

The decision was made to get rid of the school’s inefficient conferencing system after trying the  Yamaha YVC-1000. The ease of use and simplicity of the phone really took meeting participants by surprise, just plug in and it’s good to go. The audio quality and reliability of the Yamaha YVC-1000 drove the leadership team to outfit other locations with the YVC-1000. Finally, the school had a conferencing solution that restored the effectiveness of the calls and also gave peace of mind to the Summit Public Schools leaderships knowing the technology will consistently work.


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