When next day shipping isn’t fasn’t enough, VoIP Supply now offers Rush Processing for VoIP, Video Conferencing, IP Surveillance, and Unified Communication devices.

When you’re checking out online, all you need to do is check the “Need your order faster?” box or, if you’re on the phone with your account manager, just ask them for “Rush Processing.”

Here’s how it works — VoIP Supply will speed up shipment:

  • On all orders placed before 3:30pm EST
  • For a small, additional fee
  • When the billing and shipping address are the same.

VoIP Supply always puts forth its best efforts, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that orders will ship the same day.

Patience is annoying but sometimes necessary, so in the event a rush order fails to ship on …

Axis is probably one of the most well known names in IP surveillance. They were the first on the scene completely dedicated to video over Internet Protocol back in the late 90’s and are still industry leaders today. Like all manufacturers, they have a naming matrix that might not make sense at first, but it’s pretty easy to decipher.

Axis created their own naming convention chart (image below) to educate their buyers of the cameras for at-a-glance understanding.


In this example, the P3367-VE breaks down into meaning it’s meant for a versatile and secure advanced video solution, it’s a fixed dome camera, P33 series, supports 5 or more Megapixels, housed in a vandal resistant outdoor enclosure.


Using another example such as the P7224, it would …

This is my desk. There are many like it, but this one is mine. . .and boy is it a bit of a mess.

I am a Headset Hoarder

So why am I reciting a variation of the Rifleman’s Creed and showing a cluttered photo of my desk?

Partially to publicly shame myself into taking some action and clean it up but also to talk about a small problem I have that is shown in the photo, that I can now admit to openly and take steps to conquer.

I am not talking about the layer of dust over everything that rivals a mid-winter snow storm, the fact it is one of the last Fridays in the summer and I’m at work, or the two phones on my desk but, …

Small Business Help Setting Up a New VoIP Phone System

Need help setting up a new VoIP phone system?

Do you wish it was as simple as plug and play?

Help and simplicity are realities with VoIP Supply Assist Services that take the hassle out of dealing with quirky VoIP devices and deliver custom programming designed for the needs of your unique small businesses.

Pre-Sales Consultation

For beginners, our Pre-Sales Consultation is a helpful 10-minute conversation with a VoIP Supply engineer who’ll use common terms and easy to understand descriptions to explain how VoIP works, what an ATA does, or whatever you need to know more about.

Installation and Configurations

Our local VoIP Phone Provisioning service will setup your new device’s extension, username, voicemail path, and SIP authentication instructions.

Your pre-provisioned phones are …

New Digium Switchvox Appliances are now available to replace the Switchvox 65, Switchvox 305, and Switchvox 355 which are now end-of-life.

There are four new models available to fit the VoIP system needs of various business sizes:

  • Switchvox 80: For small businesses that only need a simple desktop solution. Supports up to 30 users and 12 concurrent calls.
  • Switchvox 310: For medium-sized businesses with a computer rack or shelf space to spare. Supports up to 150 users and 45 concurrent calls.
  • Switchvox 360: For large businesses looking for a rack mounted PBX. Supports up to 400 users and 75 concurrent calls.
  • Switchvox 380: Similar to the Switchvox 360 with the same high-performance and redundancy but with additional call handling capabilities. Supports

The benefits of working for a small business are the benefits.

As Barbara Haislip’s Wall Street Journal article, Keep Employees Happy With Creative Perks, highlights, SMBs are usually more flexible than their large corporation counterparts, and they’re using that to their advantage to reward and retain employees.

Instead of purely financial rewards, maybe you’d be happier at work with the things that VoIP Supply and other entrepreneur-led businesses are offering in Haislip’s article, such as:

  • Free Beer Fridays
  • Telecommuting – Work is wherever you are
  • Dogs allowed in the office
  • Paid week of volunteering
  • Technology allowance
  • And more…

Compared to “monetary perks,” Clicks and Clients CEO Paul Rakovich was quoted as saying, “I think the experiences are more valued and cherished, plus the return …

What is new technology and new mediums of communication but simply, new ways to access email?

Microsoft has announced the addition of Skype to Outlook. So even as the business world enters a “pervasive video era“, its heavy reliance on email isn’t going to change.
If you’re an Outlook customer in one of these six countries (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, UK, US) you can now enjoy Skype integration which will give you a similar user experience to Gmail which offers users quick access to voice, video, email, and chat on one platform/screen.

Skype Hardware

Check out a rundown on Skype accessories that we use in the VoIP Supply offices or a full list of Skype hardware to enhance your video experience.…

In the past, VoIP Supply’s Edu Assist Program helped hundreds of educational institutions deploy VoIP phone systems.

Our assistance program is now helping schools set up wireless networks to take advantage of the latest mobile technology trend in education.

Mobile Tech in Education

The 2013 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, sponsored by Amplify and conducted by market research firms IESD and STEM Market Impact, show some interesting results from over 500 district leaders:

  • More than half of surveyed district leaders are now using mobile technology in 25% of their schools with a growing popularity for tablet use in classrooms.
  • An additional 15% of districts said they were “very likely” to adopt mobile technology in the next 1-2 years.

Wireless devices such …

Before I go any further I have to be honest, when the touchscreen VoIP phones first came out I was somewhat skeptical. Sure it was cool but it seemed a little unnecessary and, dare I say it excessive, to have a touchscreen on a desk phone. But in the years since my opinion has shifted and now I want a touchscreen VoIP phone on my desk.

I think maybe this ‘want’ is just an extension of the fact that a lot of the things I own and use touchscreen. My cell phone is touchscreen. My laptop/tablet is touchscreen. While my displays for my desktop computers at work and home aren’t I’ve found myself touching the screen only to be disappointed when nothing happens, so: In …

Lync LogoOver the last couple years Microsoft Lync, formerly Microsoft Office Communicator, has been gaining a larger share of both the enterprise and the SOHO/SMB unified communication market. If you ask a room of people in the know about UC platforms what Lync 2013 is you’ll most likely get a group response reminiscent of students repeating a lesson back to a teacher that “Lync is a unified communications platform that provides a single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience” or something along those lines.

Ask a follow up question what the difference between a device that is Optimized for Lync compared to one that is Compatible with Lync and you’re more than likely to hear the sound of few …