5 Digium Switchvox Advanced Features You Didn’t Know About!

February 6, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Digium’s Switchvox is an easy-to-use Unified Communications (UC)  phone system known for its simple-to-navigate interface and ease of use with Digium IP Phones. Whether you are on-premise or in the Cloud, Digium Switchvox has the right, powerful phone system for your business!

Switchvox is designed with a whole package of endless features; although we can’t cover all of them in this blog, we would like to highlight the top 5 most requested advanced features.


Top Five Digium Switchvox Advanced Features

Web-based Interface

With the simple point-and-click web-based interface, everything is just clicks away! You are able to set up speed-dials, look up employees in a company directory, and even real-time video and chat, boosting your work efficiency. Easily manage a phone system even without the knowledge of all the complex programming languages and a litany of buzzwords!


When the world goes mobile, you can’t be left behind! Road-warriors and home office workers need a phone system that allows them to work remotely with softphone applications, end-user call control, and fixed-mobile convergence. With Switchvox, your office is now wherever you are!

Call Center

Switchvox phone system improves your pre-sales, customer service, and technical support and makes outbound calling campaigns easy to manage.

It automates call flow to optimize staff efficiency, all without expensive add-ons or fees. You can now finally focus on your core business, providing your clients with the best products and services possible!


Delivering professional ad-hoc and scheduled reporting on every call are easier than ever with Switchvox. The web-browser based charts and tables make it so easy to visualize call-flow data, staffing, and phone system configuration changes and gain tremendous value to improve your business.


With Switchvox, integrations are easier and smoother than ever! Businesses are able to design ideal solutions to make the most of their CRM, ERP, and more applications. Whether you need to retrieve information from the phone system into a 3rd party solution or to push information from a 3rd party solution into an active call, Switchvox gives you the flexibility to develop advanced applications to optimize your business potential.

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