5 Top Selling Fanvil Phones in 2020

August 11, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Building a professional phone system with Fanvil is very cost-effective! There’s no time like the present to expand your portfolio to include our top selling Fanvil phones. Let us walk you through some of our top sellers this year!

1) Fanvil X5U Mid-Level IP Phone

The X5U is a 16-line mid-level VoIP phone that comes with one large 3.5’’ large screen and a second 2.4’’ side color screen (for DSS keys). The X5U’s outstanding voice quality, built-in Bluetooth, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity make wireless communication a breeze!

This device can also be used as a SIP hotspot which expands SIP account to other IP phones for group ringing in LAN. The hotspot feature will enable the simultaneous ringing of all devices.

2) Fanvil X6U High-End IP Phone

The X6U is a 20-line high-end VoIP phone with three color screens, built-in Bluetooth, and dual Gigabit ports. Compared to the X5U, the X6U is built with larger displays including one 4.3’’ color screen and two 3.5’’ side color screens. WiFi is also supported through a separate dongle. 

3) Fanvil X4U Mid-Level IP Phone

The X4U is a mid-level IP phone that comes with 12 SIP accounts and two screens for using DSS keys. Like other XU Series phones, the X4U also supports Bluetooth and WiFi (with a dongle).

4) Fanvil X3U Entry-Level IP Phone

The X3U phone is designed for entry-level professionals. Dual Gigabit ports, EHS headsets support, color screens are just some of the basic features that X3U has to offer. The stylish X3U IP phone also features Opus voice and HD audio on both the speakerphone and the handset, allowing you to hear and be heard clearly!

See how these four devices compare with each other in a chart above!

5) Fanvil X7 IP Phone

The X7 is another popular high-end enterprise Fanvil phone with a DSS key corresponding display screen! The 127 programmable DSS keys improve work efficiency and performance. 

Watch our product video to learn more: 

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Fanvil Solutions Compatibility Overview

Fanvil has strong compatibility with mainstream communication platforms. Their solutions are seamlessly compatible with each partner, providing a better experience and more convenient choice for users. Check out all compatible platforms here!

The Partners Fanvil works with include:

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