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Along with our promotions, we currently offer an elite Partner Program and we have fulfillment services to take care of all your business needs.

Interested in becoming partners with VoIP Supply. Check out the other programs and benefits we can offer to grow your business!

Partner Program Benefits

  • Industry Aggressive Commissions!
  • Provide Multiple Solutions and Proposals through our Partners
  • Be part of our Integrators Community
  • Dedicated Support from VoIP Supply and Our Partners
  • Learn more about VoIP Supply's Partner Program

VoIP Fulfillment Benefits

  • Ordering and Integration
  • Provisioning and Professional Services
  • Account Management and Support
  • International Presence
  • Learn more about VoIP Fulfillment
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$200 Upfront Discount 

$200 Upfront Discount off your standard pricing on select Logitech Tap base bundles designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms! Upsell existing customers with Logitech conference cameras and save $200 on select Logitech Tap Base Bundles for Microsoft. 

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Earn an additional 1x SPIFF if the deal closes by 10/31/2021

  • All criteria above must be met
  • Closed between 8/1/2021 - 10/31/2021
  • Qualified & approved by Nextiva 
Nextiva Fall Promotions
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Switchvox promo

Premise to Cloud Deal! ($12.99 Per Seat Per Month Reg. $24.99)

As your on-premise Switchvox subscription renewals expire, we want to offer you the unlimited feature benefits of Switchvox in a new, easier way to manage! Sign a 3-year unlimited contract, we are offering $12.99 per seat per month (Regular Price $24.99) Learn more details here.

SIPStation Promotion $16.99/ Channel!

As a Switchvox on-premise customer, you can now receive $16.99/channel pricing on Sangoma's award winning SIP trunking Service, SIPStation when you connect a 3 year unlimited SIPStation contract with your current on-premise or virtual Switchvox system. Contact our VoIP experts for more details at 1-800-398-8647! See flyer here.

6XMRR For All Agents

Earn up to 6X Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) on All NEW 3-year contracts of Switchvox Cloud, SIPStation, and FAXStation. Sell 3-year contracts of Switchvox Cloud unlimited or metered service*, DID fees, and D-Series phone rentals, SIPStation, and FAXStation to new customers and earn up to 6X MRR paid in a lump sum SPIFF. See flyer here!

25% off Switchvox Cloud for Non-Profit Customers

25% off seats and phone rentals. Stackable with free D60 phone promo, but in this case the upgraded phones (D62, D65, D80) receive 25% off rental. (Switchvox Cloud 3yr unlimited seats and phone rentals only.) *Not stackable with Prem to Cloud promo. You must choose either prem to cloud OR non-profit discount. Cannot be combined. New customers only. 3yr unlimited contracts only.  

Don't Lose a Deal on Price

For: Partners who are in a competitive situation and may lose a Switchvox Premises deal based on price.

Products: Switchvox On-Premises

Who: All Switchvox Gold, Silver, and Authorized Partners

What/When: Partners who are in a competitive situation and may lose a Switchvox Premises deal based on price to any comparable mainstream competitor (Avaya, Cisco, Shoretel, Mitel, etc.)

How: Contact and provide the competitive quote to your Channel Account Manager to see if we can price match a competitor.

Free Sangoma D60 Phones with Switchvox Cloud

In an effort to help you close more Switchvox Cloud deals, we are offering a special promo! As an agent, you can now offer customers a FREE D60 IP Phone for each new Switchvox Cloud sear with any 3-year unlimited service contract. Offering free D60 phones with full-color displays will increase your competitiveness against other cloud solutions in the market. Now is the time to check back with your prospects and update their quotes to include the free phones. This is also an opportunity to go back to existing customers that may need to add new sears and offer the free D60 phone promo as an incentive for upgrading to a 3-year contract.

Who: All Switchvox Cloud Agents (Master. Premier, and Subagents)

What: Free Sangoma D60 IP phone with full-color display for each new seat with the purchase of Switchvox Cloud 3-year unlimited service contract*

When: July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021

How: Sale of each 3-year contract of Sangoma Switchvox Cloud service will entitle each seat to receive a free Sangoma D60 phone. Available on ALL new 3-year unlimited service contracts. Now available on new month-to-month or 1-year contracts. Available for existing customers adding new seats (requires upgrade of existing month-to-month or 1-year contracts to a 3-year contract with new seats.) Only available on the Switchvox Cloud unlimited service (excludes metered) *This promotion cannot be combined with other special pricing offers.

Government/Education Rebate

Do you have Government or Education customers who need even more ways to save? Let them know about the 5% rebate available from Sangoma. Its a chance for Sangoma customers worldwide to save even more.

Who: Gold and Silver Partners, worldwide

What: All Switchvox products sales, excluding Sangoma phones or phone accessories, to approved Government or Education organizations will be eligible for a 5% rebate (MSRP)."Government" includes any level of Government, including but not limited to Federal, National, State, Provincial, Local, County, District, and Municipal. "Education" includes any type of education institution, including but not limited to pre-school, elementary, junior-high, high-school, secondary school, community college, university, or trade school.

When: July 1st, 2020 - December 31, 2021

How: Place your qualifying order with a participating Authorized Sangoma Distributor and automatically receive your rebate. The 5% rebate will be calculated using Sangoma's MSRP in USD.

Non-Profit Rebate for Switchvox On-Premise

Do you have Non-Profit customers who need even more ways to save? Let them know about the 5% rebate available from Sangoma. It's a chance for your customers to save even more. 

Who: North American Gold and Silver Partners

What: All Switchvox product sales, excluding D-Series phones or phone accessories, to approved Non-Profit organizations will be eligible for a 5% rebate (MSRP). Non-Profit includes any 501(c)(3) including churches, religious organizations, political organizations, private foundations or is recognized by Canada as a Non-Profit Corp appears in the Canadian Government database as a Non-Profit

When: Qualified products must be invoiced by an authorized distributor by December 31, 2021.

How: Place your qualifying order with a participating Authorized Distributor and automatically receive your rebate. 

The 5% rebate will be calculated using Sangoma's MSRP in USB. 

*Excludes Switchvox Cloud Services

End of Year Sell-a-Bration

When: Contest runs from October 1 - December 31, 2021

What: One biweekly winner of a $500 gift card. The top seller of the quarter will win a check for $25,000

How: Sell 3-year Switchvox Cloud Unlimited. Each year sold equals 1 entry into the drawing. Sell 200 seats and be entered to win $25,000.

*Must register here to be entered into the contest

Promotion Flyer

Fall Free for All

What: the reseller with the most points at the end of the quarter will win a check for $5,000

How: Sell Switchvox On-Premise!

Deals with 1-19 user licenses = 1 point

Deals with 20-30 user licenses = 2 points

Deals with 40-99 user licenses = 4 points

Deals with 100-200 user licenses = 6 points

Deals with 201-399 user licenses = 8 points

Deals with 400+ user licenses = 10 points

Bundle SIPStation with the deal and earn an additional 2 points

When: Contest runs from October 1 - December 31, 2021

Promotion Details

Yealink's Deal Registration Discounts and Demo Program

We want to help you sell more Yealink devices! Take advantage of the incentive program and demo program to enjoy deeper discounts on Yealink devices. 

Deal Registration Incentive Program:

Register Yealink deals and get up to 4% discounts. If you are in the education or healthcare industry, enjoy up to 8% discounts! Register Here!

Demo Testing Program:

Customers purchasing over 1,000 units of various models of phones a year from VoIP Supply can get up to 2 Yealink demo phones at no cost! Request Demo Here!


Fanvil New Rebate Program

Fanvil is excited to announce their new rebate program that offers you an instant discount based on the total quantity ordered through VoIP Supply. To take advantage of the program, you need to purchase 50 or more (it may be a combination) of any of the following products listed below:
Quantity Price Discount
50-199 Up to 2%
200-499 Up to 3%
500+ Up to 4%

This promotion is valid until March 31st, 2022. Rebate discounts may not be combined with other discounts.