Promotions for Businesses and our Partners

Here at VoIP Supply we work with a vast amount of different manufacturers. While working with our manufacturers there are sales and promotions that are created that we want to extend to our customers.

Because of our wide customer base, we have certain promotions or deals that are specific to certain types of customers.

Here is a quick breakdown of how the promotions are being filtered:

Partner/Reseller Promotions - These promotions are for our customers that are also working within the VoIP industry. These deals appeal to them because they will be implementing and supporting a business VoIP phone system for offices that need it.

Business/Personal Use Promotions - We have special promotions for the business that is deploying a VoIP system for their business or office. These offers can also be used for the home user who is looking to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP within their personal home.

Contact us with any questions

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