Advantages of Video Conferencing

May 11, 2010 by Joe Shanahan

Video conferencing is a very popular and rapidly growing technology due to the many advantages and cost savings it can provide to both large and small businesses and organizations of all types.

Business meetings, educational training, medical procedures and collaboration, stockholder meetings, distance learning, surveillance and military operations are just a few of the many different environments where video conferencing is used on a daily basis.

The Main Advantages of Video Conferencing

Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage of utilizing video conferencing is the reduction of travel costs that is realized when face to face meetings are conducted via video rather than in person. Cutting travel expenses is an excellent way for a company to help the bottom line while keeping the same level of service to customers and business associates that they are accustomed to.

Many organizations have trimmed their travel budgets in these difficult economic times, but video conferencing technology enables them to continue having critical meetings that are necessary to increase revenues and grow business. These virtual face to face meetings also create the opportunity to make strong personal connections to a much larger degree than simply talking on a telephone can, which leads to better customer loyalty.

Increased Productivity

The time savings and employee productivity increase which occurs when meetings are conducted virtually is a major advantage as well. Workers that no longer require a large investment of time and money traveling for important meetings can be exponentially more efficient and utilize their talent to meet with more customers through video conferencing rather than spending their time on the road.

This advantage will ultimately lead to more customers, opportunities, sales and revenue for the organization. The beautiful thing is that there are no limits to the size or type of organization that can benefit from utilizing video conferencing to help bolster their bottom line.

Better Collaboration

Video conferencing can also play a role in bettering the communication and processes within an organization, especially ones with multiple locations. Company wide meetings can be run more efficiently and conducted more often to share company goals and policies, while also fostering an environment where different branches work cohesively as a unit and more productively. Company leadership and stockholders can similarly benefit from using virtual communications as the only necessary time requirement is the actual time needed to conduct the meeting.

This helps to cut down on scheduling conflicts for those involved in the meeting as well.

Summing up the Advantages of Video Conferencing

While the initial investment of purchasing video conferencing equipment can seem like a large expense, when one looks at the total cost savings of eliminating travel while also increasing worker productivity, the question should be “how can you afford not to add a video conferencing system to your organization?”.

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