Benefits of Cisco Small Business Switches

February 16, 2011 by Darren Hartman

I have been doing some research on the new line of Cisco SMB Switches that just came out recently. These switches are not just a rebrand upgrade, but brand new switches with new and improved features. They have broken these new switches into three series:cisco sf200-48p

  • Cisco 100 Series
  • Cisco 200 Series
  • Cisco 300 Series

Let’s take a look at the new benefits.

Cisco 100 Series

The Cisco 100 series models are all unmanaged switches. Here is what is new with these options:

  • Energy-efficient technology on Gigabit Ethernet models helping save power and reduces energy costs.
  • Quality of Service on all models optimizes network performance.
  • Easier installation and setup out of the box.
  • Fanless design on all models provides silent operation.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty offers peace of mind. This also shows the level of confidence they have in the new design and reliability.

There are some nice advantages over the competition too. If you look at the HP and Dlink switching line there are some nice advantages going with the Cisco. Here are a few that make a difference:

  • Qos available on all models
  • Higher product quality than in products from a result of extensive testing.
  • The overall breadth of products in the Cisco line. They have NAS devices, ip surveillance, wireless switching and voice.
  • Not all of the competitors give you that limited lifetime warranty.

Cisco 200 Series

The Cisco 200 Series Smart Switches are the next generation smart switches or managed switches. These switches are also not another rebrand, but brand new switches with new features and benefits. Here are the benefits that are worth noting:

  • More green friendly switches. They have energy –efficient technology that will help save on power and energy costs.
  • Fanless design to help reduce noise, great addition for small offices that do not have a ton of extra space.
  • Two more ports per Gigabit Ethernet switch offers additional ports and value.
  • IPv6 support prepares the network for the new network protocol.
  • IP telephony support with voice VLANs automatically configures connected IP phones with quality of service (Qos) parameters.
  • CDP or Cisco Discovery Protocol, Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility, and Cisco Smartports for  simplified management with auto-discovery and port configuration
  • Limited lifetime warranty with free software fixes.

Cisco 300 Series

The new Cisco 300 Series switches have gone through a lot of changes. There are over 80 hardware and software additions in this new line. They have really focused on adding gigabit ports to almost all the switches. Here are some of the new benefits:

  • Layer 3 static routing, for switching between VLANs
  • Four more ports per Gigabit switch this is a very popular feature with customers currently and going forward. With the ever increasing internet usage that extra speed is huge.
  • The security has been upgraded with enhanced port security.
  • Ip telephony support with voice VLANs for automated configuration of connected IP phones. Are you using VOIP yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
  • The 300 series are of course managed switches for remote management.
  • Excellent warranty on these too. Limited lifetime warranty with NBD advanced replacement. They also provide lifetime warranty on power supplies and fans.


My overall review of the new switches is definitely a high grade. I really like the multiple port options that are available and the new warranty options. They needed that warranty upgrade to keep up with some of the competitors. It is a great time to upgrade your network. The options are aplenty.

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