The T24 Door Station from MOBOTIX is more than just a doorbell, security camera, intercom system, keyless entry…well, it’s more than you might think it is. If you thought the T24 Door Station was all of this and more, then, OK, it’s exactly what you think it is.

The MOBOTIX T24 IP Video Door Station is an incredible addition to the safety and security of any residence, business, or warehouse. Now available at VoIP Supply, you can custom create your very own T24 Door Station to whatever your needs may demand. However, all those parts can be incredibly daunting and the part numbers tend to be confusing to someone looking at it for the first time, so we’ve created this in-depth guide to T24 door …

There’s a small two-wheeled surveillance robot that’s been used by the military in combat zones called the Throwbot made by Recon Robotics.

The name implies that you can physically hurl this device wherever it’s needed and that’s true. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Matthew Lasar’s article, Army sruveillance bot approved for use by police, fireman, at Ars Technica explains that while military tools are often just as useful to local law enforcement and fire departments, the problem Recon Robotics had with putting the Throwbot into domestic use was getting permission from the FCC to allow live video feed transmission from the device.

Emergency responders urged the FCC to allow them use of the Throwbot as a “life saving tool” that …

There’s a detailed tutorial by John Honovich at IP Security Market Info titled “Designing Intrusion Detection / Alarm Monitoring” where he answers fundamental questions and shares understanding of the options and tradeoffs when designing this system such as:

  • Cost
  • Designing intrustion detection in layers
  • Control panel selection
  • Control / Input / Output devices needed
  • Use of wireless devices
  • System monitoring options

If you’re considering using alarm monitoring devices as described in the tutorial and wondering how to integrate them into your IP camera or video server systems, read this post for more details:

IP Video Management – Input / Ouput Ports …

A report commissioned by Axis shows that some retailers are unable to implement an IP based surveillance system due to perceived bandwidth limitations and a lack of collaboration from the company’s IT department.

However the report also suggests that while many stores still rely on CCTV analog systems, that IP-based surveillance is on their horizon so that they can gain not only the added benefits from IP systems but to realize the highest ROI possible. 

Retailers are realizing they can use their camera system for more than just loss prevention and are beginning to embrace IP surveillance systems as a marketing tool for business intelligence to improve store layouts and efficiency in applications such as:

  • People Counting
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Service – Queue monitoring/management

For …

There are many variables to either implementing intelligent video in to your surveillance system or using it in practical applications.

To help sum up the recent intelligent video posts here now are the 4 Best Practices for IV Applications:

  1. Video Image Quality
  2. Efficient Algorithms
  3. Computer Processing Power
  4. System Configuration & Fine Tuning

I’ve posted many articles about intelligent video.  There’s a lot to it, there are many nuances, and there are many options.  In an effort to start tying the whole picture together this post is a brief explanation of the best practices to observe when implementing intelligent video.

In the near future I will also write about the best practices for using intelligent video applications like license plate recognition or facial recognition.

Here are the 5 best practices for understanding the framework behind a successful intelligent video solution.…

Rising from the ground using eight rotors, a micro-helicopter goes undetected to transmit GPS coordinates and images of sensitive locations to soldiers or SWAT team members ready to strike.

If you think that microcopter surveillance in this age of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) being used by the Air Force and Navy doesn’t sound far-fetched, you’d be right.

A graduate student at Florida Tech is working on just that for his master’s degree project.…

Latest news from BCS reports that video surveillance is an integral part of data centers high-security operations to augment existing electronic access control security measures:

Tom Reeve, editor of, has explained that data centres inherently have to be a ‘very high-security operation’.

‘In addition to the normal access control and electronic security you would expect in a data centre, a good CCTV system can help back up the essential audit trails you need in order to determine who’s been coming and going, for example,’ he commented.

‘Certainly CCTV [is] essential in a high-security operation like that, where you’re depending on it 99.9 per cent of the time.’

Integrating IP surveillance into your businesses existing systems gives you greater control, options, and flexibility.

There’s …

I’ve been talking about intelligent video applications including license plate recognition.  Another specialized application with huge potential across many vertical markets with almost unlimited uses is facial recognition.

Other advanced security measures like biometrics that can recognize various features of the hand are also still on the cutting edge of technology but even they are more widely used more than facial recognition software.

An emerging high-profile application, facial recognition has the potential for greater accuracy than other advanced systems and is easier to integrate into a surveillance system.…

I posted recently highlighting some applications of how intelligent video detects objects. One such specialized application that bears special attention and may be of particular interest to you is license plate recognition, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

License plate recognition technology is gaining momentum with police departments to aid in identifying and capturing criminals and toll booth violaters but it alos has a variety of uses in retail, commerical, and industrial settings.…