Expert Says Video Surveillance Critical for Data Centers

March 29, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Latest news from BCS reports that video surveillance is an integral part of data centers high-security operations to augment existing electronic access control security measures:

Tom Reeve, editor of, has explained that data centres inherently have to be a ‘very high-security operation’.

‘In addition to the normal access control and electronic security you would expect in a data centre, a good CCTV system can help back up the essential audit trails you need in order to determine who’s been coming and going, for example,’ he commented.

‘Certainly CCTV [is] essential in a high-security operation like that, where you’re depending on it 99.9 per cent of the time.’

Integrating IP surveillance into your businesses existing systems gives you greater control, options, and flexibility.

There’s not much that’s more influential than the power of video evidence of an event or crime.

In this reports example, access control systems govern who is allowed in and out of your facility. Combining this system with a video management system allows for visual verification of who is passing through your secured areas.

You’ll have video evidence when something like “tailgating” happens. This is when someone is trailing an employee and gains entry to an area without swiping a card.

Recording IP video at all doors will allow you to quickly identify who should or should not be in your building.

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