A Full Security VoIP Solution: Algo’s Voice Paging Plus Mobotix IP Cameras!

October 10, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

VoIP Supply has brought two of our amazing partners, Algo and Mobotix, together to offer you a full security solution!

How Do Algo and Mobotix Work Together

As a leading developer and manufacturer of professional alerting systems and security intercoms, Algo has been providing quality telephony solutions globally. Mobotix, a German-based IP video camera provider, acts as an extension of Algo’s IP Paging system to provide a top-notch intelligent surveillance system, recording to an SD card or to a centralized video management system. 

Together, Algo and Mobotix provide customers the ability to broadcast appropriate messages through their SIP compliant cameras when necessary. Let’s see some common use scenarios:   

After-Hour Alerts 

Broadcast message stating closure or issuing instructions when person detected outside a building. If intruder remains, the camera can call the police or security, open two-way communication at the camera location.  

Added value as opposed to “recording-only” surveillance system. 

Open two-way communication with anyone on VOIP network anywhere there’s a Mobotix camera with microphone/speaker. (typically exterior, ALGO likely would handle all interior communication) 

Dumpster Monitoring Example: 

  • Mobotix detects intruder, plays message via camera: “This disposal area is off limits. Please leave immediately” 
  • Second Warning: Mobotix turns on a light, plays second message “The police will be called if you do not vacate.” etc.
  • Third Warning: Call security with a pre-recorded message, play siren

Learn more about Algo and Mobotix’s partnership here

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