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The VoIP industry is fast paced and ever changing. The VoIP Insider makes keeping up to date with trends, themes and emerging players in the market with weekly editorial commentary from some of the industries best and brightest.

Ooma public launch imminent…

August 9, 2007
Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch reports that much hyped silicon valley VoIP startup Ooma is currently taking customer orders for their $399 "hub", which enables ... READ MORE

VoIP POTS Emulation on FXO with MagicJack

July 25, 2007
MagicJack was founded by telecom veteran Dan Borislow of Tel-Save (TalkAmerica) fame. MagicJack provides VoIP service based upon a proprietary USB device which retails for ... READ MORE

Nuclear Scientists Baffled By VoIP

May 24, 2007
News Like This Makes Me Feel Pretty Smart He has 25 years of IT experience. He works with nuclear scientists (the ones who make bombs and ... READ MORE

VoIP Pyramid Schemes Under a Microscope

May 15, 2007
If Only $500 Could Make You a Millionaire Patrick Benard of TMCNet has an excellent piece today on the emergence of pyramid or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ... READ MORE

2007 The Year of Business VoIP?

May 3, 2007
All of the Factors are Here... VoIP Supply colleague Cory Andrews pointed me to a posting by Andy Abramson, on the "untapped business VoIP market". I ... READ MORE

VoIP Pure Plays Should Be Worried About Cable Providers

Cable VoIP Subscribers Nearly Doubled in 2006 Russell Shaw points us to an In-Stat study that shows cable providers nearly doubled the number of telephone subscribers. ... READ MORE

Skype For The Enterprise Concerning?

April 13, 2007
Skype Looking For Beta-testers For Their Enterprise Offering Skype announced yesterday that they are looking for companies with a 1,000 or more employees to test an ... READ MORE

Is Microsoft a Threat to SMB Phone System Vendors?

April 6, 2007
Microsoft's Response Point Platform Has Many Shaking In Their Boots...But Should They Be? Iotum CEO and blogger Alec Saunders has an excellent post about the impact ... READ MORE

VoIP: Brilliant or Crap?

March 26, 2007
When it Comes to VoIP Quality it Truly is Brilliant or Crap! Peter Cochrane of has an excellent post on the state of Voice over ... READ MORE

Marketing VoIP Services To Non-Technical Consumers

March 16, 2007
Not All Consumers Understand VoIP But you do not HAVE to make them fully understand the technology in order to get them to interested enough to ... READ MORE
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