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The VoIP industry is fast paced and ever changing. The VoIP Insider makes keeping up to date with trends, themes and emerging players in the market with weekly editorial commentary from some of the industries best and brightest.

Women in VoIP Continues…DIDX Mastermind Suzanne Bowen

June 3, 2008
Women in VoIP continues...I told you there are more than a few!  Next up is Suzanne Bowen, CEO at Super Technologies, Inc., commonly known as ... READ MORE

Craigslist hates VoIP, Prepaid Cellular, Spammers….

June 2, 2008
Not sure how I missed this, I like to think of myself as being on top of the industry but I just came across this ... READ MORE

Women in VoIP Series: The ISDN Goddess

Continuing with my Women in VoIP Series, I'd like to introduce you all to Helen Robison (in case you haven't heard of her before, whom ... READ MORE

What’s Your Number One Consideration When Purchasing VOIP Equipment?

May 28, 2008
What VoIP questions do we field here at VoIP Supply Being the number one online retailer of VoIP equipment, VoIP Supply and its employees experience a ... READ MORE

Voice Calling and Social Dynamics

May 23, 2008
An Andy Abramson post pointed me to a piece done by Jeff Belk. The overall premise of the piece was that voice carriers (cell, landline) ... READ MORE

VoIP Market’s Identity Crisis

May 22, 2008
Up or Down? What's it going to be? VoIP market growing in cable sector, yet shows downturn in first quarter subscription lines Being in VoIP marketing, I ... READ MORE

Job Coaching from Tim Berners-Lee

May 21, 2008
GigaOm mentions an upcoming interactive "round table" discussion being hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on June 11th called Tetherless World Research Constellation. The panel ... READ MORE

Where’s VoIP Going? A Look At VoIP Industry Trends

April 13, 2008
Where is the VoIP industry going? Of late, it is the question I field most often. I am not sure if it is because as the market ... READ MORE

Thoughts and Opinions concerning Microsoft OCS 2007

October 26, 2007
I recently posed a question to a wide range of colleagues, most of whom work work within the telephony industry. I asked..."What are your thoughts ... READ MORE

Thoughts on Linksys -> Cisco Rebranding

August 14, 2007
Cisco CEO John Chambers recently alluded to a planned rebranding of their consumer division Linksys, with Linksys products assuming the Cisco name. Cisco is eager to ... READ MORE
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