Thoughts on Linksys -> Cisco Rebranding

August 14, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Cisco CEO John Chambers recently alluded to a planned rebranding of their consumer division Linksys, with Linksys products assuming the Cisco name.

Cisco is eager to transcend its roots from an industrial backbone routing and switching behemoth, to reach into the home, which is an increasingly sophisticated environment with residential consumers taking advantage of the myriad digital services available for delivery over common household broadband connections, including VoIP (Voice Over IP), Wireless Applications, IP Television, IP Home Automation & Security and other rapidly evolving technologies.

Back in 2005, Cisco acquired KiSS Technology, and more recently, Scientific Atlanta.

Cisco sees the “set top box” as a strategic gateway for products and services that will create the kind of growth to satisfy shareholders. The combined technological assets of these three (Linksys, KiSS Technologies and Scientific Atlanta) could produce some compelling product offerings.

Anyone who has viewed Cisco’s
Human Network
branding and marketing initiative can feel the new vibe Cisco is trying to propagate as it attempts to transcend the data center and the telco closet.

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