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The VoIP industry is fast paced and ever changing. The VoIP Insider makes keeping up to date with trends, themes and emerging players in the market with weekly editorial commentary from some of the industries best and brightest.

See, I Told You, It’s the WAN

December 15, 2008
I know that I have spoken numerous times here about the pivotal role Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity quality plays in the overall success of ... READ MORE

Your Future IP Phone

November 27, 2008
I know. I know. It's Thanksgiving. I shouldn't be scouring the Internet. I should be enjoying the day. But I found something just now that I ... READ MORE

The Tides Are Turning For Mobile VoIP

October 22, 2008
The good folks at fring, a mobile internet service and community that allows users to access and interact with a variety of communication services such ... READ MORE

The WiFi Phone That Is Changing My Mind About WiFi Phones

October 9, 2008
I hate eating my words - that means I was wrong. I hate being wrong. Only a few month's after I declared that WiFi phones "suck" I ... READ MORE

If you build it….

August 29, 2008
iLocus has an interesting story this morning concerning BT's adoption of DECT enabled ATA devices. DECT as a technology with obvious implications for consumer VoIP has ... READ MORE

VoIP History 101 from iLocus

August 27, 2008
If anyone is interested in a history lesson concerning the technology that drives our business, iLocus recently published a well written piece that will give ... READ MORE

Is Pure Play a Good Play For AT&T?

August 19, 2008
DSL Reports is reporting that AT&T will soon be releasing a new pure play VoIP product that allows customers to "Bring Your Own Broadband" that ... READ MORE

Jay Phillips and Mark Spencer Square Off Over Asterisk Critique

August 14, 2008
Jay Phillips, the creator of Adhearsion, a RUBY development framework for Asterisk, recently called out Digiumfor failing to make Asterisk sufficiently accessible to developers. ... READ MORE

Micro Communications Making Business Informal and Intimate

August 4, 2008
Leave Your Tie At Home Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am not a suit and tie kind of guy - ... READ MORE

IP Telephony VARs….Selling IP Video Surveillance Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

July 24, 2008
If you have established a business or consultancy around VoIP and IP Telephony, expanding your product/service offerings to include IP Video Surveillance should be easy. ... READ MORE
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