Your Future IP Phone

November 27, 2008 by Garrett Smith

I know. I know. It’s Thanksgiving. I shouldn’t be scouring the Internet. I should be enjoying the day.

But I found something just now that I had to tell you about. It is perhaps the coolest thing I have seen in IP communications hardware in the last year or maybe even two.

It’s called OpenFrame and it is made by a company called OpenPeak. The device is so slick looking, it reminds me of the Apple IP Phone I envisioned in 2006. There is definitely a game changer here.

According to their site,  in OpenFrame OpenPeak has created a new product category: the third screen for the home. In the same way that smart phones redefined what people expect from mobile phones, the OpenFrame will redefine what people expect from a home phone.

That a pretty bold statement, but if you take a look at the device you can instantly see that this could be your future IP phone. The convergence of Internet, VoIP, contact management and even media married with an interactive touch screen, not to mention mobility provided by the wireless handsets is what everyone has been talking about.

OpenFrame has it. And a slick user interface to boot.

Now, before you get your credit card out, the OpenFrame is not out and from the looks of it, the are looking to work with OEM partners (brands) in order to bring the product to market. That means while the OpenFrame could be your future IP phone, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Nothing wrong with dreaming though…

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